Patrick Gleeson - FOUREVER
Patrick Gleeson - FOUREVER

Patrick Gleeson - FOUREVER

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Specially formulated Quadraphonic vinyl pressed and one-step plated featuring low surface noise, semi-transparent VR900 compound.

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Grammy nominated Patrick Gleeson, 18th Century English literature PHD professor turned Master Synthesist of Apocalypse Now and Herbie Hancock’s legendary Mwandishi septet FOUREVER is a 4 song 33 minute, 33 and 1/3 second album exploring the edge of minimalist jazz in quadraphonic sound.

The 86-copy limited edition version of FOUREVER commemorates Gleeson's 86-years alive and includes quadraphonic vinyl, a career retrospective large-format book co-published by IN-FO.CO called FOREVER Ago and two CDs featuring a catalog of Gleeson’s past work including collaborations with Herbie Hancock, Jim Lang, Bennie Maupin, and the prolific avantgarde visual artist Bruce Conner whose pen & ink drawing adorns the FOUREVER album cover. This version will be signed by Pat, himself.

A cement-encased version with an impression of Gleeson’s handprints will also be available at select Los Angeles retailers. All versions of the release are encoded using dublab’s Quadraphonic Universally Accessible Resource Kit (QUARK). QUARK enables semi-binaural listening via standard 2-channel playback or 4-speaker listening via Involve Audio hardware decoders, vintage Regular Matrix quadraphonic receivers, Dolby Pro-Logic II receivers, or any multi-channel audio interface equipped computer. FOUREVER is immersive via all formats: digital download, streaming (Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc), radio broadcast, vinyl and high-resolution Dolby Atmos (Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon HD). The specially formulated quadraphonic vinyl was pressed and one-step plated at RTI featuring Neotech’s low surface noise, semi-transparent VR900 compound.

Release Date: Sept 28, 2021

Track Listing

  • A
    • PSK
    • Unacceptable Dance Styles
  • B
    • The Way of the World
    • It’s About Time*

Album Credits

  • Written and Performed by Patrick Gleeson //Different Fur Trading Company (BMI)
  • Produced by Patrick Gleeson & KamranV
  • Engineered and Mixed by KamranV
  • Art Direction by Cathy Barragan & KamranV
  • Cover Image by Bruce Conner, courtesy of the Cohn Gallery and Conner Family Trust
  • Mastered and Vinyl Cut by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • BGM Chief Engineer: Beno May
  • Package Manufacturing by Dorado Music Packaging
  • Electroforming & Pressing by Record Technology Inc
  • Vinyl Formula by NeoTech
  • Animation by Kurosh ValaNejad
  • Animation Mastering by Martin Diamant
  • Thank you Charmaine McClarie, Cisa Seely, Herbie Hancock, Michael Cohn & Bob Conway of the Bruce Conner Estate.

    *Improvisation based on “Spanish Key” written by Miles Davis, Published by Jazz Horn Music Corporation and Administered by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (BMI)

This record is QUARK encoded to play in both stereo and Regular Matrix quadraphonic sound. QUARK is made possible by dublab & the National Endowment for the Arts.

**book cover is for presentation only. Final design TBD.

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