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decades ( in space )

decades ( in space )

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*NOTE: We will follow up with additional shipping and insurance amounts on Orders of Deluxe and One-of-One versions. Each piece is a delicate bespoke piece. Returns are not possible.*

Pioneering non-profit internet radio station dublab commemorates over two decades of history with decades ( in space ), an album of 10 songs by 20 artists on quadraphonic vinyl.

The packaging is a study scale and space of all kinds  designed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory UX Designer Marijke Jorritsma, Experience Designer Daniel Perlin, Architectural Designer John Vieweg & Arts Technologist KamranV, who is also album’s producer.

The Standard version includes transparent, green-tinted 12" vinyl record within a gold, moiré record sleeve, limited to 432 copies for sale.

The Deluxe version adds a “make space” kit with a individualized galaxy printed on a chair for the purchaser to assemble out of the album packaging. This version also includes a hand-folded record jacket which expands to a 36" x 54" poster, limited to 65 copies for sale.

The One-of-One includes adds the custom molded version of the record with real space rocks cut impossibly thin and embedded in the disc, designed with Dyan Jong & Rucker Manley.

9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

The music production reflects the impact of dublab’s space-making through its community-generated radio. The “10 by 20” concept itself stems from dublab’s pre-pandemic celebration of its 20th anniversary and simultaneous 10th anniversary of Echo Park music studio Bedrock.LA; with each institution having a vast overlap of artists sharing both spaces over the collective decades. The decades artists, many of whom had never previously recorded together, are connected through dublab’s consistent cultivation of global experimentation; most have never previously worked in spacial sound.

decades ( in space ) is a non-profit project supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts with artists donating works with all proceeds benefiting dublab.

Quadraphonic collaborations include:

The release is encoded using dublab Quadraphonic Universally Accessible Resource Kit (QUARK). QUARK enables semi-binaural via standard 2-channel listening or 4-speaker listening via Involve Audio hardware decoders, vintage Regular Matrix quadraphonic receivers, Dolby Pro-Logic II receivers, or any multi-channel audio interface equipped computer. This album is immersive via all formats: digital download, streaming (Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc), radio broadcast, vinyl and high-resolution Dolby Atmos (Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon HD).

Release Date: September 27th, 2021
; the anniversary of dublab’s first broadcast featuring Aurelito & Shakespeare on September 27, 1999.

Packaging Debut: December 4th, 2021 at Alcova’s art motel during Art Basel’s international art fair in Miami. More information and photos at

Album Credits

  • Executive Produced by dublab, Bedrock.LA, Mark McNeill, Alejandro Cohen & KamranV
  • Produced by KamranV
  • Art Direction by Marijke Jorritsma, Daniel Perlin, John Vieweg & KamranV
  • Space Rock Record designed with Dyan Jong & Rucker Manley
  • Mastered and Vinyl Cut by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • BGM Chief Engineer: Beno May
  • Galaxy Chair Manufacturing by K&L Wide Format Digital Printing
  • Additional Package Manufacturing Research by Dorado Music Packaging, 2ndwnd, Knowhow Shop & Aosa
  • Meteorite Cutting by Marlin Cilz
  • Electroforming by NiPro Optics
  • Vinyl Pressing by Third Man Pressing
  • Vinyl Formula by NeoTech
  • Animation by Marijke Jorritsma & Daniel Perlin
  • Animation Mastering by Martin Diamant
  • Legal by Joe Anderson & John Shaeffer
  • Quadraphonic Universally Accessible Resource Kit (QUARK) by Brett Buddin & KamranV

This record is QUARK encoded to play in both stereo and Regular Matrix quadraphonic sound. QUARK is made possible by dublab & the National Endowment for the Arts.

10 songs by 20 artists in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Bedrock.LA and 20th anniversary of dublab. This is a non-profit project with all proceeds benefiting dublab. All artists involved have donated their effort.

Song Credits

Side A >>>>

Emily Kokal + Suzanne Ciani - UNA
Written by Emily Kokal (Cosey Bones. ASCAP) + Suzanne Ciani (Musica International. ASCAP). Buchla 200e by Suzanne Ciani. Piano, Guitar, Vocals by Emily Kokal. Coos by Frances Rickards. Recorded by Frances Rickards + Jaysun Rickards + Ed Hickey. Mixed by Ed Hickey + KamranV. Produced by Emily Kokal + Suzanne Ciani + KamranV. Emily Kokal appears courtesy of Virgin Music Label & Artist Services.

Shruti Kumar + The Koreatown Oddity - Yesterday I Thought It Was Saturday
Written by Shruti Kumar (ASCAP) + Dominique Purdy (BMI). Vocals by The Koreatown Oddity. Strings, Arrangement by Shruti Kumar. Recorded, Mixed by Shruti Kumar + KamranV. Produced by Shruti Kumar + The Koreatown Oddity + KamranV. The Koreatown Oddity appears courtesy of Stones Throw Records. Contains Samples of “Praying Spirit” by The Clarke Sisters, Courtesy of The Clarke Sisters; the documentary film “Spellbound,” Courtesy of the filmmakers; “Spratts Medium” + “Kimbolton Gnome Song” by Renaldo and The Loaf, Courtesy of Renaldo and The Loaf; “That Nasty Funky Tramp. Tramp Time Volume Three” by Jimmy Lynch, Courtesy of La Val Records

Dntel + Mia Doi Todd - 100 Years
Written by James Tamborello (Dying Songs. BMI) + Mia Doi Todd (City Zen Music administered by Domino Music Publishing of America, Inc. BMI). Recorded by Dntel. Mixed, Produced by Dntel + KamranV.

Laura Escudé + Sudan Archives - Destiny
Written by Laura Escudé (ASCAP) + Brittney Parks (BMI). Vocals, Lyrics by Sudan Archives. Production, Composition, Violin, Engineering by Laura Escudé. Additional Production by KamranV. Mixed by Laura Escudé + KamranV. Sudan Archives appears courtesy of Stones Throw Records.

Alex Lilly + Kolars - By Accident
Written by Alex Lilly (Quickie Offset. ASCAP) + Robert Kolar (Sultry Avenue Publishing. ASCAP) + Lauren Brown (ASCAP). Lead Vocals, Keys by Alex Lilly. Guitars, Background Vocals by Robert Kolar. Percussion, Breaths by Lauren Brown. Recorded by Erfan Hajy. Mixed by Erfan Hajy + KamranV. Produced by Alex Lilly + KamranV.

Side B>>>>

Drum & Lace + Jeff Parker - Drift
Written by Sofia Hulquist (Drum & Lace Music. ASCAP) + Jeff Parker (Umjabuglafeesh Music. BMI). Guitars by Jeff Parker. Music, Arrangement by Drum & Lace. Recorded, Mixed, Produced by Drum & Lace + KamranV.

Randy Randall + Flula Borg - Delayed Feelings
Written by Randy Randall (Pile of paper. ASCAP) + Flula Borg (ASCAP). Guitars by Randy Randall. Words, Beat Box by Flula Borg. Recorded by Meg Sharrah + Randy Randall. Mixed by Randy Randall + Erfan Hajy. Produced by Randy Randall + KamranV.

Beatie Wolfe + Laraaji & Arji OceAnanda - Space and Time
Written by Beatie Wolfe (BMI/PRS) + Edward L. Gordon (BMI) & Arji P. Cakourous Serras. Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synth by Beatie Wolfe. Electronic Cello, Harmonium Drone by Laraaji & Arji OceAnanda. Synth by KamranV. Recorded by Laraaji, Erfan Hajy + KamranV. Mixed by Erfan Hajy + Beatie Wolfe + KamranV. Produced by Beatie Wolfe + KamranV.

Jeremiah Chiu + Sam Prekop - A Window
Written, Recorded by Jeremiah Chiu (ASCAP) + Sam Prekop (ASACP). Mixed, Produced by Jeremiah Chiu + Sam Prekop + KamranV

Daedelus + Molly Lewis - Balancing Act
Written by Alfred Darlington (Daedelus Music. BMI) + Molly Lewis (BMI). Recorded by Daedalus. Additional Engineering by Erfan Hajy. Mixed, Produced by Daedelus + KamranV.

Chair ( in space ) animation by John Vieweg

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