...and make your own quadraphonic vinyl with QUARK

  • IT'S TIME TO rearrange your speakers—quadraphonic sound is back

  • The single most impressive display at Alcova came from another collective, CyKiK. Supporting the LA-based internet radio station dublab...

    MIAMI New Times 
  • [decades ( in space )] is a masterpiece in surround mixing. Playing it in Atmos it just comes alive. Which is exactly what we want surround music to do.

    Mike (Quadraphonic Quad Forum) 
  • We share a common interest in unusual audio formats.

  • Kamran says he learned a valuable lesson while he was helping program Moogfest: “You found that you learned a lot by looking backward to look forward.”

    Pro Sound News 
  • Bernie Grundman Mastering has cut the first ever all-analog live quadraphonic direct-to-disc recording [Alex Lilly]