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...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead - XI: Bleed Here Now

...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead - XI: Bleed Here Now

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2-disc Quadraphonic Vinyl

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Pre-Order European Version (Lacquer Master)
Pre-Order North American Version (DMM Master)
Blu-Ray+CD (Europe)
CD (USA/Rest of the World)

This record and the quadraphonic digital streams are encoded to play in both stereo and Regular Matrix quadraphonic sound (QS, QUARK,Involve, Dobly Pro Logic II compatible).

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Track Listing

  • A1 Our Epic Attempts
  • A2 Long Distance Hell
  • A3 Field Song
  • A4 Penny Candle
  • A5 No Confidence
  • A6 String Theme
  • A7 Kill Everyone
  • A8 Growing Divide (feat. Britt Daniel)

  • B1 Pigments
  • B2 Golden Sail
  • B3 A Life Less Melancholy
  • B4 Taken By the Hand

  • C1 Contra Mundum
  • C2 Darkness into Light
  • C3 Water Tower
  • C4 Sounds of Horror
  • C5 Protest Streets
  • C6 The Widening Gyre

  • D1 Millennium Actress (feat. Amanda Palmer)
  • D2 Salt In Your Eyes
  • D3 English Magic
  • D4 Calm as the Valley

Album Credits

  • Produced by Conrad Keely, Jason Reece & Charles Godfrey
  • Performed by Conrad Keely, Jason Reece, Alec Padron, Ben Redman, AJ Vincent & John Dowey
  • Engineered & Mixed by Charles Godfrey
  • Mastered by Scott Sedillo & KamranV
  • Lacquer Cut by Scott Sedillo
  • BGM Chief Engineer: Beno May

Press: Spin 

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